Our Quality
Quality and Food Safety Policy
In order to provide safe food and increase the satisfaction of our customers, Bernal Company S.A. we maintain a quality management system and Food Safety in accordance with the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety. It is our commitment to increase the effectiveness of the implementing continuous improvement focused on achieving the highest satisfaction of our customers.

Bernal is Company policy S.A. here that the processed products meet the highest standards of quality and safety to fully assume this responsibility to our customers.

Our Management provides the resources and support necessary to achieve compliance with this policy with the objectives of quality and food safety, designed to produce safe, legal and conform to the specified quality food.

We develop our activities with respect for the environment, protecting the occupational health and safety of our workers, adjusting to the current legislation.

All members of Bernal Company S.A. we pledge that the activities of our organization are distinguished by their quality and continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers and our own sustainability.

The direction
Compañia Bernal S.A.

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