Compañía Bernal S.A. – formerly Finexcor SRL- took its first steps in the early 60's under the tutelage of Zymnis' family who developed solid beef business including the acquisition of a beef processing plant in Santa Fe, Nelson to complement the plant located in Bernal Oeste in the province of Buenos Aires.

Between 2004 (first 50%) and 2005 (100% of stock of shares), Cargill SACI acquired Finexcor SRL as part of its worldwide strategy investing to potentiate beef production as well as the development of added value products (beef patties, frozen cooked beef), to improve the productive processes and to fit the plants in order to meet the highest international standards regarding food safety and environmental sustainability.

In August 2011, Cargill transferred its beef business to a group of local businessmen. As a result, Vicentin Group acquired the plant located in Santa Fe and the plant in Bernal was acquired by stockholders with shares in other companies such as Gorina, Arrebeef and Ecocarnes.

In September 2011,Compañía Bernal S.A. began its activities with the new Management which carries on the same productive scheme, keeping the operative staff, supervisors, managers and senior managers.
All commercial contacts from the former Finexcor SRL were kept, as well as the status achieved related to food quality management and the entire quality commitment.

Today, our plant has the infrastructure and production capacity that leads us to a sustained growth being the quality of our products, the reliability of our commercial policies and the constant search for excellence in any market the cornerstones of our growth.
Compañia Bernal S.A.

Comandante Franco 4901
(B1883GWC) Bernal Oeste - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel: (5411) 6311-6510 | Fax: (5411) 6311-6565
E-Mail: info@ciaber.com
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