Our Company
The plant started its activities in the early 60's, beginning the construction of a solid name in the meat business which is being recognized to this day by farmers, customers and consumers, from Argentina and worldwide.

Compañía Bernal SA, achieved a remarkable and continued growth that outlined a successful recognition for the quality of its products as well as the value attributed to our FINEXCOR'S Brand and Ciaber recently.

For more than 50 years the highest levels of quality and reliability have been
kept, opening business in faraway countries, with products adapted to the customers' needs, positioning the plant as an example in the domestic and international beef market.

Thanks to the effort of 900 employees and a strong investment on infrastructure and technology, Compañía Bernal SA is able to supply the domestic market and to export its cuts to Germany, Italy, Holland, England, France, Switzerland, Russia, Mercosur, rest of Latinamérica, Arab Countries, East Europe, Asia and Israel among others.

The quality of our products, the reliability of our commercial policies and the constant search for excellence in any market are the cornerstones of our growth.
Mission, Vision and Values
  • Our Vision is to become the leaders of beef products to the world.
  • OurMission is to provide safeproducts satisfying the demands in a sustainable manner.
  • Our approach is to be trustworthy, creative and enterprising.
  • Compañía Bernal in numbers:
  • Employees: 900
  • Plant area surface: 68.000 m2
  • Built area: 36.666 m2
  • Slaughtering capacity: 850/900 heads per day.
  • Deboning capacity: 2800 quarters per day.
  • Corrals capacity : 1500 heads.
  • Beef patties production: 1000 tons/month.
  • Cold storage (final product):
    1 with 250 ton capacity.
  • Frozen storage (final product):
    2 + VRT (Variable Retention Tunnel) with a 2600 ton capacity.
  • Our Performance Measures are:
  • Committed employees
  • Satisfied customers
  • Community integrated
  • Sustainable growth
  • Our Values:
  • Innovation
  • Commercial relations based on trust
  • Integrity
  • Team work
  • Focus on quality and food safety
  • Relations based on respect
  • Compañia Bernal S.A.

    Comandante Franco 4901
    (B1883GWC) Bernal Oeste - Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Tel: (5411) 6311-6510 | Fax: (5411) 6311-6565
    E-Mail: info@ciaber.com
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